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Green Riverland Partnership

Established: 16.03.2006 in Suure-Jaani, Vastemõisa village Membership: total 105 members, 6 local authorities from: Pärnu County (Pärnu, Tori, Saarde, Põhja-Pärnumaa) Viljandi County (Põhja-Sakala) Rapla County (Kehtna) business subjects (entrepreneurs) – 59, non-profit organizations (NGO) – 40. Board: 10 members.

The Green Riverland situated of South-West Estonia.

  • Area: 2993 km2, population: 26 500
  • The region is delimited by natural borders – swamps, big forests and rivers.
  • Traffic going around of big swamp, with lies in centrum of this area.
  • In centre of this area is Soomaa National Park.

GRP’s name derives from the location of the region in the middle of swamps, rivers and bogs and is described as follows:

  •  Green – forests, swamps, flora and fauna and Soomaa National Park;
  • Riverland – Pärnu basin and lakes, waterway and fifth season in Soomaa;
  • Partnership – cooperation of the leaders of local municipalities´ institutions´ employees, entrepreneurs and associations.

Thanks for natural resources in region advanced services and tourism, agriculture and forestry, handicraft and social work. The greatest wealth of the region is its rich environment. The main aim of the association is to promote and support local initiative and development of rural living environment, create and implement local integrated strategy of the region relying on the partnership of three sectors.

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  • “Sustainable entrepreneurship in countryside” –, Final report
  • „Transnational cooperation for development of sustainable tourism in national parks areas“ – , Final report
  • “Multifunctional sustainable tourism entrepreneurship joint development!” 
  • “Co-marketing and product developing” – some videos (password: rjk)
  • “Regional co-marketing” – VIDEO
  • “The power of nature and sauna traditions – for you, for family, for business!” 
  • “Networking of European Leader areas – LINC Conference 2019 in Pärnu” – more info about the conference in Estonia. VIDEO
  • “Year of tastes – Pärnumaa 2018”
  • “SMART VILLAGES development  program”to create smart villages network and join with Smart Rural 21 network
  • “Multifunctional sustainable rural entrepreneurship in national park areas”
  • “Heritage and traditions – the key to valuing regions”


  • Developing cooperation and establishing common visitor infrastructure in the Soomaa region” – joint project between Green Riverland Partnership and local municipalities to develop Soomaa area. Project covers 9 actions from the EUROPARC strategy`s action plan.


Aino Viinapuu

Board member

Phone: +372 528 1275

Annika Parm

Project manager

Phone: + 372 530 64810


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